It’s the 31st of October and you know what that means… it’s Halloween! So if you’re not off on a crazy night out or trick of treating with the little ones, sit back with a bowl of pumpkin soup and enjoy one of these horror classics…

10) Chucky (1989) 


This classic halloween costume started as a classic halloween film- a notorious serial killer possesses a doll and wreaks havoc. The graphics may be a bit tired now, but this killer horror still packs a punch.

9) Annabelle Creation (2017)

Annabelle is the newer, slightly scarier Chucky. Grieving parents of a hit and run victim make a deal to allow the spirit of their daughter into a doll made by her Father. However the spirit that does inhabit the doll is inevitably more sinister… much to the horror of the girls in the orphanage that now inhabits the house.

8) Ringu (1998) 


The Japanese original to the famous ‘The Ring’. A video tape showing a girl emerging from a well is followed by a phone call- the viewer of this tape will be dead in seven days. A lot more horrific than the remake- no one makes horror like the Japanese.  

7) The Exorcist (1974) 


When you think horror, you think of The Exorcist. Demonic possession, a young girl and priests performing exorcisms coupled with rumours of a cursed set during filming, this horror was voted one of the ten greatest films of all time, and was nominated for ten academy awards, winning two.

6) The Conjuring (2013) 


A married ghost hunting couple come to the aid of the Perron family, who are experiencing a terrifying haunting of their farmhouse. The film follows the couple dealing with battling these demons, and the demons of their past cases.

5) The Shining (1980) 


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Jack Nicholson takes the post of caretaker at a hotel during winter season, and he, his wife and small son are snowed in- when sinister events begin to ruin the family winter.

4) Sixth Sense (1999) 


A young introverted boy begins seeing a child psychologist, who can’t get to the bottom of his erratic behaviour and seemingly irrational terror. With the revelation that Cole can see ghosts- the film gets scarier and scarier until it reaches its unforgettable conclusion.

3) Orphan (2009) 


One of the scariest films I have ever seen, Orphan throws away the paranormal and goes nail biting psycho in this disturbing thriller. A family who lose a baby adopt a young orphaned girl- who isn’t all that she makes out to be.

2) Blair Witch (1999) 


Blair Witch is a legendary horror- fooling cinema audiences worldwide into thinking this was a documentary upon first release, it is the first found footage horror that made an impression. Three film students get lost in the woods where they are making a documentary about the Blair Witch- and the rest is history.

1) Paranormal Activity (2007) 


Paranormal Activity made huge waves upon its release in 2007, and has since seen an influx of home-taped style horrors in its wake.  A couple set up a video camera to record to strange noises and moments they have started to notice at night, only for these to escalate into pure horror. This is a film that will get under your skin and make you think twice about turning off the lights when you go to bed tonight.


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