Recipe: Colourful Stir Fry

When I first starting dating Ash, his signature stir fry was the first dish he ever cooked for me. Obviously, dating a vegetarian, he had to make a few slight changes to his recipe. Over the last two years we have experimented with different vegetables and meat substitutes, and finally found a happy medium.
It’s a simple yet filling staple of our weekly menu, so here it is!


Calorie Count: 410
Serves: 2 

Broccoli (10g)
Runner Beans (10g)
Babycorn (10g)
Mushrooms (40g)
Red Pepper (1)
Yellow Pepper (1)
Green Pepper (1)
Red Chilli Pepper (1)
Singapore Noodles (170g)
Plum and Hoisin Sauce (90g) 


  1. Chop the broccoli, runner beans and baby corn to your preference.


2. Parboil the broccoli, runner beans and baby corn.


3. Whilst parboiling, chop the peppers and mushrooms. Season the mushrooms to your taste- parsley or paprika usually work well.


4. Fry the peppers and mushrooms until they are soft.


5. Whilst these are frying, chop your chilli pepper finely (keeping the seeds).


6. Add the chilli to the peppers and mushrooms.


7. Now drain the broccoli, runner beans and baby corn and add to the wok.


8. Add the Singapore noodles and stir constantly for one minute.


9) Now turn the heat way down and stir in the plum and hoisin sauce for another minute. Turn off the heat entirely.


10) Serve up and enjoy!


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